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Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions of Travel - The Royal Windsor Steam Express

Cancellation Charges
Transfer Charges

General Conditions

Steam Dreams will use its best efforts to ensure that the proposed locomotives, coaching stock, route and times, all of which are dependent on third parties, run as advertised but we reserve the right to amend or cancel any part of the tour at any time. Steam Dreams cannot accept any responsibility for the action of third parties and strongly recommends that all passengers take out travel/cancellation insurance. Charges apply should passengers need to cancel or postpone their trip for whatever reason, whether their plans change due to ill-health, travel issues or weather conditions. To avoid disappointment or unnecessary expense, passengers are advised not to pre-book transport links or accommodation, unless the costs associated with cancelling these arrangements are covered by the passenger’s own insurance, as Steam Dreams cannot be held liable for additional costs incurred in passengers’ travel plans.


Final timings and platform numbers are confirmed by Network Rail leading up to each trip, advertised times in brochures and online are best estimates.

Steam Dreams will use its best endeavours to ensure the boarding/alighting stations listed in its brochure and website are those which are used on the day. Occasionally it is not possible for Network Rail’s final timings to include one or more of the stations we have requested. In these circumstances, Steam Dreams will take responsibility for arranging travel at no additional cost to/from passenger’s chosen boarding/alighting station to an alternative station where the train stops (usually by service train or road coach).

Steam Availability

Steam Dreams will use its best efforts to provide steam traction on trips rostered for steam haulage, for the sector(s) advertised as such, but this cannot be guaranteed. On occasion, a diesel or electric locomotive may be substituted, mainly due to fire risk, drought, route restrictions or locomotive failure. All steam locomotives are subject to a Fitness to Run (FTR) exam 24 hours prior to running on the main line, which means it is sometimes necessary for a substitute to be made at the last minute. On some tours it may be necessary for a part of the journey to be diesel or electric hauled; where possible this will be made clear at the time of booking but it may be necessary for changes to be made at a later stage for operational reasons.

If, for reasons beyond our control, a trip that was due to feature steam haulage has no steam locomotive for the duration of the trip, a 50% discount on another trip of the same itinerary may be offered.

Diesel Assistance

On steam hauled trips, a diesel or electric engine may be included in the train in addition to the steam locomotive and at times be required to provide assistance; no compensation will be offered in this instance.

Traveller Health Conditions

Steam Dreams use heritage carriages from the 1950’s & 60’s and are unable to provide step free access to board our train. Passengers must be able to step up into the carriage from platform level and walk through multiple carriages to their allocated seat unassisted. Due to restrictive access to seating areas and toilets, it is not possible for walking frames, wheelchairs and mobility scooters to be used on-board the train.

Passengers booked on optional excursions must be able to board a road coach and walk up to 500 yards. Some excursion venues may not feature step free access and passengers may be required to walk up several flights of steps.

Passengers with mobility difficulties or with a mobility aid to store must make Steam Dreams aware at least one week prior to the date of the tour. Wheelchairs, walking frames and mobility scooters to be stored on-board for use off the train must be of the fold-up variety. In the event of any uncertainty, we would advise passengers to discuss their requirements with the Booking Office at the time of booking to avoid disappointment.

Catering on board

Steam Dreams will endeavour to ensure delivery of the catering service to each class as listed in our publicity material. On-board service and meals are dependent on our train timetable for each day with consideration given to departure timings, booked stops and other factors and therefore may be subject to revisions from what has been advertised.

Steam Dreams will endeavour to cater for dietary requirements when notified at least one week in advance, but cannot guarantee that all our food will be totally free of specific allergens (such as nut, garlic or gluten) as it is prepared and cooked in kitchens where traces of allergens may be found.

Conditions of Carriage

During the trip passengers are required to observe the conditions of carriage listed below;

In the event that these conditions are breached Steam Dreams reserves the right to remove the offending passenger(s) from the train. In the event of passengers being removed from the train for breaking these conditions no refund or compensation shall be offered.

In addition to the above conditions of carriage all journeys on the railway are also subject to the Railway Byelaws.


All bookings may be paid for by debit or credit cards. Other payment methods including paying by bank transfer, cash or cheque* are available for telephone bookings only, although cleared funds must be received at least 14 days prior to travel. Cash payments may be made by arrangement with the Booking Office or with staff on the day.

*We are unable to accept bookings to be paid by cheque less than 21 days prior to departure.


All Steam Dreams vouchers and third party vouchers must be redeemed against a booking through the Booking Office by telephone and cannot be used for online bookings or on-board purchases. In the event of a customer cancellation, the charges in the cancellation/transfer conditions stated below will apply. Vouchers are non-refundable. In the event of a booking paid for by voucher being cancelled by Steam Dreams or the customer the remaining value, after any charges, may only be transferred into a new Steam Dreams voucher valid for one year.

Third party vouchers may only be redeemed on particular trips, as specified by Steam Dreams.

Discounts & Credit Notes

Discounts and credit notes must be redeemed through the Booking Office by telephone and may only be used against bookings made after the date of issue and cannot be retrospectively added to any previous bookings. In the event of a customer cancellation, any discount or credit note will not be reinstated for future use. In the event of cancellation by Steam Dreams any discounts or credit notes issued as a form of compensation will be reinstated with one additional year for use; all other discounts and credit notes will be considered null and void.

Customer Cancellation

Should the customer choose to cancel their booked trip for whatever reason, the greater of the following charges will apply:

Customer Transfers

Should the customer choose to transfer from one booked trip to another for whatever reason, the greater of the following charges will apply:

Customer Booking Amendments

Steam Dreams does not charge for changes of passenger name, catering requirements, boarding or alighting point or other alterations that make no changes to booking value.

Should the customer choose to amend their booking to a higher priced ticket, add additional passengers or optional extras no additional fee will be levied, beyond the revised cost of the booking.

Should the customer choose to change their class of travel, destination, boarding point or otherwise change to a lower priced ticket the above fees for customer transfers will apply. Should the customer choose to cancel one or more seats or optional extras on a booking the above fees for customer cancellation apply.

Steam Dreams Cancellation

Should Steam Dreams cancel a tour in its entirety for any reason before the start of the journey, customers may be offered the opportunity to transfer to an alternative trip or receive a full refund of any card, bank transfer, cheque or cash payments made directly on the booking. Any payments by voucher, discount or credit note are subject to the restrictions detailed in the appropriate above sections. Cancellation may occur at any time for a variety of reasons including but not limited to locomotive availability, crew availability, pathing, adverse weather and engineering works.

Steam Dreams cannot accept any liability for additional costs incurred due to cancellation.

During your time with us, please bring any problems you may experience to the attention of the on-board management so that we can attempt to rectify them where possible. Complains received retrospectively, relating to issues not raised at the time that could have been resolved during the day of travel will be considered closed.